How To Use File Share Programs Responsibly

One of the most important things that goes with using p2p networks is to use these file share program responsibly. Many p2p clients provide users with a wealth of ways to protect yourself and even provides extensive information in their frequently asked questions to help you in using this type of program responsibility.

The first thing is to make sure files you are sharing are available. This means they should fall under one of the licensing types that allow sharing. These are Creative Commons, Public Domain and try before you buy licensing. Many p2p programs provide you with a set of symbols that will appear next to known files in order to tell you what type of licensing it is under.

If you are unsure many p2p clients often provide you with a link to the copyright office where you can search for the information on the licensing for a particular file. This is just one of the ways to use file sharing programs responsibly.

Next only download the files that you need or are interested in and download a small amount at a time.

Downloading large quantities will increase the risk to your system as well as take up resources that your computer uses for other applications. Large amounts of downloading cane also tie up your computer so that it becomes slow and unresponsive.

Since download programs download from multiple locations at the same time you can get files quickly however they also can increase fragmentation so if you use a file sharing program and do a large amount of downloading, normal download amounts will create less of an issue with fragmentation, run your systems defrag program regularly. This not only helps to keep the p2p client running smoothly but your system as well.

Protect your computer when using file sharing programs and keep sensitive materials out of your share folders. It is best to maintain all the files that you are sharing in a single folder.

This limits access to your system and makes scanning files quicker and much easier.

Share files, the entire purpose of such programs is to share files between people. Using the program responsibly means to join in on the entire purpose behind it. Just make sure the files you are sharing are ones that fall under public domain or creative commons.

You can find a good amount of music and documents that are public domain online through various library sites that can provide you with a good base to share from.

Using p2p networks has many benefits and it should be used responsibly. Using p2p metworks responsibly means making sure that you avoid copyrighted materials and that you make sure to scan and maintain your computer.

You should also avoid sharing all the files on your system and simply designate a single folder for use when downloading. Also remember to contribute something the network is built off people like you who are willing to share their files. It is important that you contribute as well and at least maintain a 1 to 1 share ratio allowing at least every file you download to be shared completely and downloaded completely with at least one other user.


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