Resisting Women To Make Them Want More

Have you heard the saying "woman want what they can't have?" Ask any woman and they will inform you that this is true. By resisting you are creating a challenge to a woman which will make her extremely attracted to you. When I say resist from, what I am saying is learn how to say NO to woman.

Have you noticed with those females that you tend to not be attracted to or don't like at all, that the more you resist the more they persist? When a woman asks you to do something, go about an indirect way of doing it. Have fun with it, don't do what they ask of you, play with them. Always keep women wondering and always make yourself unpredictable because as soon as you become predictable to women, you become boring.

Learning to say NO to woman is the one most powerful thing you can do. I am not suggesting that you be an asshole about it and always not give a woman what she wants, I am saying to give her what she wants but not when she wants it because you decide what happens and when it happens. Just think about it, how often do you see a guy say no to a woman? I have been interacting with women before and they have dropped something on PURPOSE and all the men FLEE to be the first one to pick it up for her. I have even see women look at the male as if to say, "what you are just going to stand there, pick it up." They will say "can you pick that up for me please?" When a woman asks you questions don't give her a direct answer, always give her an indirect answer.

It gets them thinking instead of thinking that they know every single little detail about your entire life. If you can learn if a woman is testing you or not then you are one step ahead of her. And yes if you did not know ALL WOMEN test and play games unconsciously and consciously. Another secret way to resist from women is to be busy, don't pretend to be busy either because it won't work long term. Actually be busy in life and don't always ditch your plans for a woman, if you have something to do then do it.

I have heard women say that they HATE IT when they have called up their boyfriend and said "hey what are you doing?" and they have said "I was going to go out with the boys but I will come see you instead." A woman will be far more attracted to you if you learn how to say "I can't right now I am busy, but I can come over later if I get time." Women will try and change your plans. They have to see how determined you are and how important YOUR LIFE is to you.

I am not suggesting that you hurt a woman's feelings and resist at every single situation that occurs, just learn when the appropriate times are to resist and this will come through experience. There was a quote from Carl Jung "What you resist, persists." So learn how to be playful and have fun with women. Don't be like most men who give them everything that they want when they want it because you will in time find that you will be nothing but a provider to the woman, and be unfulfilled.

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