The Model Student A Red Flag for Parents

Are you frustrated with your child's learning issues and the public school system? ? Has your child been diagnosed with a disability? ? Is the teacher (they call them now "facilitators") annoyed with the activity level of your child? ? Is your child failing to understand the lessons because they don't pay attention? ? Is your child a daydreamer? ? Is your child failing to process information correctly? Is it just a brain thing? ? Does your child talk too much? ? Is your child disruptive or too social? ? Has your child been sent to the mental health professional (required in every public school) for evaluation? Did you give your permission? ? Is the teacher recommending pharmaceuticals. Do you think it's your child's fault? It is NOT your child's fault! And don't think the answer is in pharmaceuticals. The answer is YOU! Don't feel alone.

Many children struggle in school unnecessarily and never get any help. If your child does not fit into the model demanded by the school with its many requirements and mandates, the teachers try to convince you there must be something wrong with the child! The structure of the school is never suspect. There is a movement afoot to negate natural learning, creativity and curiosity of the child along with the devaluing the role of the parents. (Remember "It Takes a Village".) Many parents are willing to go along with this because it requires less time and creativity on their part plus if things go aria they can blame someone else! Let's just take a moment and examine the model, AKA the ideal child/student in the eyes of the public institutions. ? This ideal student sits in his chair without squirming, wiggling, moving or talking.

? This student does not speak unless called upon by the teacher. ? This student does not have contact with other students in the class except at recess or when working on a team project. ? This student, after sitting, playing and participating at the appropriate times during the school day waits in line for the bus, and sits on the bus without moving or talking too loudly until they get home. If conflict erupts between students, the teacher mediates with conflict resolution methodology. And if both students do not relinquish their point, agree or apologize, the uncooperative student is sent to the mental health professional for evaluation. Now just stand back and look at this model student! ? Is this the way nature intended children to act? ? What are the children learning? Are they learning to be creative? To be self-confident? To be self-starters? To be leaders? Or even being taught that being a leader is a positive trait? ? Do you value the traits of this model student that is a result of this environment? I hope your answer is no! The demands made on children to fit into this prescribed environment are against nature.

They are contrary to the needs of a developing human being! They are in direct opposition to developing the characteristics that made our nation great! So, what can YOU do about It? Take control of what, when and how your children learn. If you are concerned about the current culture, opt out and create your own. You can home school! Contrary to public opinion, home schooled children are self-starters who develop the self-confidence to know what they know, what they don't know, and how to find what they need to know.

They have the creativity to think outside the box. Socially they have many opportunities to join clubs, field trip groups, study groups, and teams. They are accustomed to being with people of different groups. Different ages, sexes, colors, ethnicities, and religions.

Because of this exposure their knowledge, interests and experiences are far more varied and expansive than the public educated child. In addition to seeing pictures of things in text books, home schooled children have the flexibility to go out and see things first hand and have a multitude of exciting experiences. The world is their classroom and the parents are the teachers who take any moment and turn it into a lesson, regardless of a prescribed class time. The benefits of home schooling are limitless and the drawbacks are manageable. Will your turn to pharmaceuticals or allow the real child to develop? The power is in your hands!.

Pam Connolly is a professional educator with the San Diego School District. She has been teaching kids how to type for over 11 years. To teach your child typing, visit

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