Bon Jovi's Runway Scare

New Jersey rock band and crew unharmed when their plane skids off runway in Canada

Members of Bon Jovi and their touring staff were living on a prayer as the pilot of their Boeing 727 lost control of the plane during a landing in severe weather at Hamilton International Airport in Ontario, Canada last Friday night.

Fortunately, the plane only skidded partially off the wet runway before coming to a stop, its nose and front landing gear sunk into the mud.

All 14 passengers, including Jon Bon Jovi and company, exited the plane without incident and were said to be in "good spirits" by airport staff.

A statement on the band's official website assured fans that "everyone on board was OK - no injuries. But it was a bit of a scare for all." Their show the next night in Toronto featured a "kick ass set," the statement adds.