Here are the Top 20 albums that came out as a result of the Seattle sound. Find out which band was the seed that created Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Looking back, the Grunge and New Wave sound produced some of the most memorable riffs and melodies in the history of music. Some remained cynical. Most agreed that just like when Punk Rock gave Classic Rock a much-needed kick in the butt, Grunge music came and threw the Rock establishment off balance. Kurt Cobain's untimely death put an end to this era though, some say prematurely, some said "Thank God".

Mudhoney, Mudhoney

ALBUM: Mudhoney »

ARTIST: Mudhoney

WHY?: A mesh of punk and blues. A must for the true grunge and alternative man.

BEST SONG: "The Gift"

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Rage Against The Machine, Rage Against The Machine

ALBUM: Rage Against The Machine »

ARTIST: Rage Against The Machine

WHY?: Raw and angry; Rage at its purest form.

BEST SONG: "Killing in the Name of", "Bombtrack"

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Downward Spirals, Nine Inch Nails

ALBUM: Downward Spiral »

ARTIST: Nine Inch Nails

WHY?: Only Trent Reznor can get away with singing "I wanna f%#* you like an animal".

BEST SONG: "Closer", "Downward Spiral", "Hurt"

RELATED: Pretty Hate Machine , The Offspring's Smash

Dirt, Alice in Chains

ALBUM: Dirt »

ARTIST: Alice in Chains

WHY?: Definitely one of the bands with the "negative, down on oneself" Seattle sound.

BEST SONG: "Angry Chair", "Would"

RELATED: Sap , Jar of Flies , Facelift

Foo Fighters, Foo Fighters

ALBUM: Foo Fighters »

ARTIST: Foo Fighters

WHY?: After being Nirvana's drummer, Dave Grohl creates some of the best raw tunes with catchy riffs.

BEST SONG: "I'll Stick Around"

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Odelay, Beck

ALBUM: Odelay »


WHY?: Mixing samples with groovy beats, Beck is original... to say the least.

BEST SONG: "Hotwax", "Where It's At", "Devil's Haircut"

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OK Computer, Radiohead

ALBUM: OK Computer »

ARTIST: Radiohead

WHY?: Radiohead is one of the best bands of all time.

BEST SONG: "Paranoid Android", "Karma Police"

RELATED: The Bends , Kid A

Badmotorfinger, Soundgarden

ALBUM: Badmotorfinger »

ARTIST: Soundgarden

WHY?: One of the most powerful albums of all time, with a Black Sabbath influence.

BEST SONG: "Jesus Christ Pose", "Outshined", "Room a Thoudand Years Wide"

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Nevermind, Nirvana

ALBUM: Nevermind »

ARTIST: Nirvana

WHY?: Nirvana was to the '90s what the Beatles were to the '60s.

BEST SONG: "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Come as You Are", "Territorial Pissing"

RELATED: In Utero , Unplugged In New York , Bleach , Incesticide

Ten, Pearl Jam

ALBUM: Ten »

ARTIST: Pearl Jam

WHY?: Undoubtedly one of the greatest first albums of all time. These Seattle boys sure know how to rock.

BEST SONG: "Even Flow", "Alive", "Black", "Once"

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