Latin music has grown from the underground to mainstream. Millions of fans have turned to the Latin beats and Salsa flavors of Celia Cruz and Santana. This list is as eclectic as things get, with the common denominator being that all the artists possess some Latin lyrics.

Jennifer Lopez, On The 6

ALBUM: On The 6 »

ARTIST: Jennifer Lopez

WHY?: Catchy, nice tunes with a salsa flavor.

BEST SONG: "Waiting for Tonight", "If You Had My love"

Christina Aguilera, Mi Reflejo

ALBUM: Mi Reflejo »

ARTIST: Christina Aguilera

WHY?: Perky, fun music. She has a great voice.

BEST SONG: "Genio Atrapado"

Ricky Martin, Ricky Martin

ALBUM: Ricky Martin »

ARTIST: Ricky Martin

WHY?: Dance, get down, party.

BEST SONG: "Spanish Eyes", "The Cup of Life"

Enrique Iglesias, Enrique

ALBUM: Enrique »

ARTIST: Enrique Iglesias

WHY?: Like father like son.

BEST SONG: "Rhythm Divine", "To be with you"

Woman On Top, Soundtrack

ALBUM: Woman On Top Soundtrack »

ARTIST: Various

WHY?: Penelope Cruz's movie is the inspiration behind the music.

BEST SONG: "Falsa Baiana"

Paco De Lucia, Anthology Of Flamenco Songs

ALBUM: Anthology Of Flamenco Songs »

ARTIST: Paco De Lucia

WHY?: If you like Flamenco music, you will love Paco

BEST SONG: "Seguiriyas"

Manu Chao, Clandestino

ALBUM: Clandestino »

ARTIST: Manu Chao

WHY?: A lethal combination of French and Spanish music.

BEST SONG: "Desaparecido"

Eros Ramazotti, Eros

ALBUM: Eros »

ARTIST: Eros Ramazotti

WHY?: With a name like Eros, how can you go wrong?

BEST SONG: "Le Cose Della Vita"

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Marc Anthony, Contra La Corriente

ALBUM: Marc Anthony »

ARTIST: Marc Anthony

WHY?: Everything that Enrique and Ricky are not.

BEST SONG: "I Need to Know"

Elvis Crespo, Suavemente

ALBUM: Suavemente »

ARTIST: Elvis Crespo

WHY?: The lead off song alone helps him make this list.

BEST SONG: "Suavemente"

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