Are you ready for some beats? The 20 albums presented here range from catchy beats that you hear at your favorite Club to some extre

Richie Hawtin, Decks, EFX & 909

ALBUM: Decks, EFX & 909 »

ARTIST: Richie Hawtin

WHY?: Hard core, this man will move up fast. Extremely skilled.

BEST SONG: "Vengeance"

Juno Reactor, Beyond the Infinite

ALBUM: Beyond the Infinite »

ARTIST: Juno Reactor

WHY?: A trip like no other.

BEST SONG: "Razor Black", "Silver"

Everything But The Girl, Walking Wounded

ALBUM: Walking Wounded »

ARTIST: Everything But The Girl

WHY?: Smart songs and even better production.

BEST SONG: "Walking Wounded"

Carl Cox, Non Stop 2000

ALBUM: Non Stop 2000 »

ARTIST: Carl Cox

WHY?: Trance-inducing techno acid house cocktail. Saw him live at Chicago's Crobar -- amazing (maybe it had something to do with the topless dames?)

BEST SONG: "Push Upstairs"

DJ Tiesto, In Search of Sunrise

ALBUM: In Search of Sunrise »


WHY?: A great master of the turntables, but hasn't made it big in the US yet. He destroys the turntables live.

BEST SONG: "I Believe"

Kruder & Dorfmeister, Conversions: A K&D Selection

ALBUM: Conversions: A K&D Selection »

ARTIST: Kruder & Dorfmeister

WHY?: Phenomenal Drum 'n' Bass.

BEST SONG: "One and Only"

Massive Attack, Mezzanine

ALBUM: Mezzanine »

ARTIST: Massive Attack

WHY?: One of the best albums of 1998.

BEST SONG: "Man Next Door"

Jeff Mills, Metropolis

ALBUM: Metropolis »

ARTIST: Jeff Mills

WHY?: Detroit pioneer who was an innovator of the genre.

BEST SONG: "Blue Print"

Fluke, Risotto

ALBUM: Risotto »


WHY?: They broke out thanks to The Saint's soundtrack and never looked back.

BEST SONG: "Kitten Moon", "Goodnight Lover"

Orbital, Orbital 2

ALBUM: Orbital 2 »

ARTIST: Orbital

WHY?: Perhaps trance at its best.

BEST SONG: "Halcyon & On & On"

me sounds that you hear at Ibiza or Gatecrasher... Step inside if you dare, it will get loud.

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