You wanna get some loving? I said, are you ready to get some lovin' ? If the answer is yes, then pop in any of these tracks and let the bumping and grinding begin; we promise that they won't fail to deliver.

D'Angelo, Brown Sugar

ALBUM: Brown Sugar

ARTIST: D'Angelo

WHY?: D'Angelo has smoothness, class and style; he also charges promoters $200,000 per show.

BEST SONG: "Jonz in my Bonz"

Next, Rated Next

ALBUM: Rated Next

WHY?: These playas have provided men with the required pickup tools.

BEST SONG: "Too Close"

Brain McKnight, Back At One

ALBUM: Back At One

ARTIST: Brian McKnight

WHY?: He is the man; he has a great sense of humor, and boy can he sing.

BEST SONG: "Back At One"

112, Room 112

ALBUM: Room 112


WHY?: Probably the room where the singers lost their virginity, Room 112 knows how to get the ladies ready to go.

BEST SONG: "Love Letter", "Anywhere"

Brandy, Never Say Never

ALBUM: Never Say Never

ARTIST: Brandy

WHY?: Packed with attitude, she deserves credit for her smooth singing and swaying moves.

BEST SONG: "Top of the World", with Ma$e

Monica, The Boy Is Mine

ALBUM: The Boy Is Mine
ARTIST: Monica

WHY?: The voice of an angel and the body of a goddess; enough said.

BEST SONG: "Angel of Mine"

Erykah Badu, Baduizm

ALBUM: Baduizm

ARTIST: Erykah Badu

WHY?: A woman with this much attitude (and we mean this in a good way) deserves to be President, let alone make it onto this list.

BEST SONG: "On & On"

TLC, Crazysexycool

ALBUM: CrazySexyCool

WHY?: Three very young and talented entertainers; so what if they have slight spending problems?

BEST SONG: "Red Light Special", "Waterfalls"

Whitney Houston, Greatest Hits

ALBUM: Greatest Hits

ARTIST: Whitney Houston

WHY?: Whitney has been in the clouds recently, but when she comes down, she can belt them like no other.

BEST SONG: "I'm Your Baby Tonight", "I Will Always Love You", "Heartbreak Hotel"

En Vogue, The Best Of En Vogue

ALBUM: The Best Of En Vogue

ARTIST: En Vogue

WHY?: They are divas and we love them for it.

BEST SONG: "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)"

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