Since the turn of the Century, rock music has evolved. What started in the American South has gone through various influences. Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll -- now that is a motto we can all live by. From Motley Crüe's "Dr.Feelgood" to AC/DC's "Hells Bells", consider this the memoirs of hard rock at its purest form.

tesla, seasons in the abyss

ALBUM: The Great Radio Controversy »


WHY?: Great production, great musicianship, great songs. Genuine, true, soulful rock.

BEST SONG: "Love Song", "Heaven's Trail", "Paradise", "Makin' Magic"

slayer, seasons in the abyss

ALBUM: Seasons In The Abyss »

ARTIST: Slayer

WHY?: The deafening drumming of Dave Lombardo and the dual guitar licks have made Slayer one of the most successful heavy metal acts around.

BEST SONG: "Seasons in the Abyss"

skid row, skid row

ALBUM: Skid Row »

ARTIST: Skid Row

WHY?: Their music consists of raw, emotional notes and lyrics.

BEST SONG: "Youth Gone Wild", "18 and Life", "Midnite Tornado"

extreme, pornograffitti

ALBUM: Pornograffitti »

ARTIST: Extreme

WHY?: When I heard Nuno Bettencourt yielding his axe like no one before, I knew these guys meant business.

BEST SONG: "He Man Woman Hater", "More Than Words"

whitesnake, whitesnake

ALBUM: Whitesnake »

ARTIST: Whitesnake

WHY?: Coverdale's whisky-soaked lyrics gel amazingly on this 1987 release with guitarist John Sykes.

BEST SONG: "Still of the Night"

motley crue, dr. feelgood

ALBUM: Dr. Feelgood »

ARTIST: Mötley Crüe

WHY?: Their best album and their peak performance.

BEST SONG: "Kickstart my Heart", "Dr. Feelgood"

queensryche, empire

ALBUM: Empire »

ARTIST: Queensryche

WHY?: This album is truly the group's masterpiece.

BEST SONG: "Silent Lucidity"

iron maiden, number of the beast

ALBUM: Number Of The Beast »

ARTIST: Iron Maiden

WHY?: A band whose albums took on epic proportions and never failed to impress their legions of fans.

BEST SONG: "Hallowed be Thy Name", "Run to the Hills"

steve vai, passion & warfare

ALBUM: Passion & Warfare »

ARTIST: Steve Vai

WHY?: Joe Satriani's student delivers a numbing, soulful, and ripping set of instrumental songs.

BEST SONG: "For the Love of God", "The Audience is Listening"

bon jovi, new jersey

ALBUM: New Jersey »

ARTIST: Bon Jovi

WHY?: The group has stood the test of time and their music is demonstrative of that.

BEST SONG: "Born to Be My Baby", "Bad Medicine"

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