Pop music has gone on to become one of the most successful sounds in the history of music. From Michael Jackson to Madonna, several entertainers have carved a niche and left their fingerprints on the industry.

Tina Turner, Private Dancer

ALBUM: Private Dancer »

ARTIST: Tina Turner

WHY?: Legs and voice... could we ask for anything more?

BEST SONG: "Private Dancer", "What's Love Got To Do With It?"

Dave Matthews Band, Crash

ALBUM: Crash »

ARTIST: Dave Matthews Band

WHY?: Taking the torch from the Grateful Dead, these guys sure can jam.

BEST SONG: "Too Much", "#41"

All Saints, All Saints

ALBUM: All Saints »

ARTIST: All Saints

WHY?: These girls show off their devilish sides with infectious tunes.

BEST SONG: "I Know Where It's At","Never Ever"

Robbie Williams, The Ego Has Landed

ALBUM: The Ego Has Landed »

ARTIST: Robbie Williams

WHY?: One of the best albums in recent years; this guy deserves his ego.

BEST SONG: "Millennium"

Gowan, Strange Animal

ALBUM: Strange Animal »


WHY?: Some of the most memorable songs of the 1980s.

BEST SONG: "Strange Animal", "Criminal Mind"

Barenaked Ladies, Maybe You Should Drive

ALBUM: Maybe You Should Drive »

ARTIST: Barenaked Ladies

WHY?: Intelligent, humorous, witty, and catchy.

BEST SONG: "Jane", "Alternative Girlfriend"

Chris DeBurgh, The Lady In Red

ALBUM: The Lady In Red: The Very Best Of Chris DeBurgh »

ARTIST: Chris DeBurgh

WHY?: Great music from a great songwriter.

BEST SONG: "Lady in Red", "Fatal Hesitation"

Rod Stewart, Blondes Have More Fun

ALBUM: Blondes Have More Fun »

ARTIST: Rod Stewart

WHY?: Some of the catchiest songs ever put on vinyl.

BEST SONG: "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?"

B-52's, Cosmic Thing

ALBUM: Cosmic Thing »

ARTIST: B-52's

WHY?: Infectious... hey, a band named after a great shot has to make the list.

BEST SONG: "Love Shack"

Tracy Chapman,Tracy Chapman

ALBUM: Tracy Chapman »

ARTIST: Tracy Chapman

WHY?: Great acoustic guitar playing, incredible lyrics.

BEST SONG: "Fast Car", "Talkin' Bout A Revolution"

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