Pop music has gone on to become one of the most successful sounds in the history of music. From Michael Jackson to Madonna, several entertainers have carved a niche and left their fingerprints on the industry.

Billy Joel, Piano Man

ALBUM: Piano Man »

ARTIST: Billy Joel

WHY?: Piano Man is so talented that he landed Christie Brinkley and a cool nickname; he may have lost the girl, but the name remains.

BEST SONG: "Piano Man"

Shania Twain, Come On Over

ALBUM: Come On Over »

ARTIST: Shania Twain

WHY?: Mutt Lange dropped everything to produce his talented and sexy wife's albums... and did a great job. Hit after hit, after hit.

BEST SONG: "You're Still the One", "Man! I Feel Like a Woman"

Eurythmics, Greatest Hits

ALBUM: Greatest Hits »

ARTIST: Eurythmics

WHY?: Original beats with mesmerizing lyrics.

BEST SONG: "Sweet Dreams", "Here Comes The Rain Again"

Abba, Forever Gold

ALBUM: Forever Gold »


WHY?: The original dance and disco band

BEST SONG: "Dancing Queen"

Beegees, Greatest Hits

ALBUM: Greatest Hits »

ARTIST: The Bee Gees

WHY?: You can never get enough of the Bee Gees.

BEST SONG: "Staying Alive"

Blur, Blur

ALBUM: Blur »


WHY?: Oasis' main rivals give them a run for their money.

BEST SONG: "Song 2"

Sarah McLachlan, Surfacing

ALBUM: Surfacing »

ARTIST: Sarah McLachlan

WHY?: Beautiful gut-wrenching music that leaves you out of breath (when a dude is playing this, you know he is getting some).

BEST SONG: "Building a Mystery", "Sweet Surrender"

George Michael, Faith

ALBUM: Faith »

ARTIST: George Michael

WHY?: One of the most talented entertainers, both on and off the stage.

BEST SONG: "Monkey", "I Want Your Sex", "Father Figure"

Madonna, Ray of Light

ALBUM: Ray of Light »

ARTIST: Madonna

WHY?: The greatest entertainer of all time, Madonna is in a league of her own. This is her most mature album, and boasts incredible production.

BEST SONG: "Sky Fits Heaven", "The Power of Goodbye", "Nothing Really Matters"

Michael Jackson, Thriller

ALBUM: Thriller »

ARTIST: Michael Jackson

WHY?: The greatest selling album in recording history.

BEST SONG: "Beat It", "Billie Jean"

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