Are you ready for some beats? The 20 albums presented here range from catchy beats that you hear at your favorite Club to some extreme sounds that you hear at Ibiza or Gatecrasher... Step inside if you dare, it will get loud.

Underworld, Beaucoup Fish

ALBUM: Beaucoup Fish »

ARTIST: Underworld

WHY?: Amazing follow-up to "Second Toughest in the Infants".


Enigma, Trilogy

ALBUM: Trilogy »

ARTIST: Enigma

WHY?: Enigma is the optimal combination of sounds and emotions, amongst the best lovemaking music of all-time.

BEST SONG: "Mea Culpa", "Principles of Lust"

Jamiroquai, Travelling Without Moving

ALBUM: Travelling Without Moving »

ARTIST: Jamiroquai

WHY?: Dealer turned singer surrounds himself with great musicians and kicks butt.

BEST SONG: "Cosmic Girl", "Virtual Insanity"

Prodigy, Fat of the Land

ALBUM: Fat of the Land »

ARTIST: Prodigy

WHY?: Along with Chemical Brothers, these guys are just mesmerizing and hypnotic.

BEST SONG: "Smack My B*tch Up", "Firestarter"

Chemical Brothers, Dig Your Own Hole

ALBUM: Dig Your Own Hole »

ARTIST: Chemical Brothers

WHY?: One of a kind, these chemically unbalanced musicians are masters of their own domain.

BEST SONG: "Block Rockin' Beats", "Setting Sun"

Daft Punk, Homework

ALBUM: Homework »

ARTIST: Daft Punk

WHY?: The French are coming!

BEST SONG: "Around the World", "Da Funk", "Teachers", "Alive"

Paul Van Dyk, Seven Ways

ALBUM: Seven Ways »

ARTIST: Paul Van Dyk

WHY?: The man makes trance sound extraordinary. Four words: Ministry of Sound Session.

BEST SONG: "Words"

Pet Shop Boys, Discography: The Complete Singles Collection

ALBUM: Discography: The Complete Singles Collection »

ARTIST: Pet Shop Boys

WHY?: Groundbreaking and influential beyond belief.

BEST SONG: "West End Girls", "Domino Dancing", "Where the Streets Have No Name"

Moby, Play

ALBUM: Play »


WHY?: What Moby accomplished here by mixing modern music with gospel and folk, will be a staple in music for many years to come.

BEST SONG: "Bodyrock", "Run On", "Porcelain"

Paul Oakenfold, Global Underground: New York

ALBUM: Global Underground: New York »

ARTIST: Paul Oakenfold

WHY?: DJ, Remixer, Producer... Unequaled live. He's the most successful in the world, and put the industry on the map.

BEST SONG: "Sex Drive", "Air", "Bliss", "3 Drives On Vinyl"

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